v2 cigs americas favorite e-cigarette in 2014

V2 Cigs EX rechargeable e-cigs top ratings by mid 2014

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V2 Cigs is the #1 electronic cigarette brand in America.

It performs with the marvelously with the thickest vapor to provide the most satisfying smoking experience.

The company provides a full lifetime warranty and the best in customer service and support. Guaranteeing a great experience from the time you look at the website, to the time your package arrives at your door.

They can easily claim the highest standards in manufacturing for the entire industry. And also the highest in quality control.

The best in quality testing of every e-liquid and provides the testing reports for any customer to view.

With a 100% money back guarantee for all starter kits there is no risk in ordering your own.



The V2 Cigs company itself was founded in the summer of 2009 and is now the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes as of July of 2011. They receive over 6 million brand new online visitors every month and it is predicted that by December 31, 2013 they will have up to 30,000 brick and mortar retailers.

The company gains over 30,000 new customers every month, and has the larges repeat customer rate for the entire industry. At least 75% of their online visitors order at least a 3rd of the time.

V2 Cigs have over 125 employees world wide and a dedicated staff of over 3,000. The company is the only manufacturer to give lifetime warranties, complete testing with expiration dates, and quality control in both supply and receiving measures. Ranked by Alexa.com V2 Cigs is the largest e-cigarette company in the world. At the same time they are also the first in the industry to have global brands of their e-cigarettes. They have product on every continent except Antarctica.

The company continues to go deeper into the markets of America, it has already experienced an astounding growth from the international market, and it is just beginning to realize the benefits of the e-cigarette.

It’s the same qualities that put V2 Cigs in the No.1 in America, that are gaining a major hit overseas. The thick, satisfying vapor along with the reliability of the electronics, and the highest in quality control and superior flavor. V2 Cigs provide the universal language of excellence for the former smokers of the world.

Which is better smoke or vapor? The e-cig contains few ingredients and does not produce smoke. The liquid is a blend of food flavorings and nicotine in the propylene glycol (PG) base. PG is nothing more than a food preservative and inhalant. It is in several foods that people eat every single day. It is in food coloring, toothpaste, asthma inhalers and yes, even pop tarts.. PG’s standard rating referred to as GRAS, Generally Recognized as Safe, by the Food and Drug Administration. The vapor is odorless, smokeless, ash less, and without stigma. It can be used in several nonsmoking areas and it doesn’t offend.

Now that you know what is in the vapor let’s look at smoke. There are thousands of chemicals in standard cigarettes. Some we know and a lot we don’t. with the old fashioned flammable delivery system you get the combined byproducts of cigarette smoke that expose smoker to the odor, inconvenience, and, of course, the stigma.

Thanks to V2 Cigs the cigarette has been reinvented as a superior tobacco alternative that holds a full bodied, satisfying vapor.

The starter kits are built to fit into any lifestyle, and they are the first step. The customization of nearly every kit is amazing. You can choose your favorite styles, colors, and best of all, flavors with ease.

1st step: Pick your starter kit. With low cost, each kit is filled with all of the products that fit your needs. You can choose from the express kit, all the way up to the all in one ultimate kit. It is designed to get an easy start.

2nd step: Customize your kit. The various starter kits all offer you several choices, ranging from flavor and nicotine to color and battery length. You can pick your favorites or mix it up with one of each. We all know how important it is to be able to choose for yourself.

3rd step: Adding to it. There is a large variety of accessories just waiting to be explored. From cases, liquids, lanyards, to a large range of chargers. You get all the options you could want.

4th step: With the V2 Cigs Coupon Code you can order and save! Go to ElectronicsCigaretteCoupons.net/v2-cigs/ to place your order and find the best pricing for the V2 Cigs premium e-cigarettes. The coupons are regularly updated exclusively at V2Cigs.com. Or you can use the coupon code EVAPE15 at checkout for an instant savings of 15% off of any V2 starter kit.

5th step: Take a look. There is absolutely no risk and a no-hassle-30 day-return policy with a lifetime warranty. It would be nearly impossible to find a better deal with any other e-cigarette.

With such a variety of flavors, V2 Cigs know that flavor is the most important aspect after price. We know that it’s all about the taste. There are 10 fantastic flavors to choose from, and it is easy to find the perfect fit just for you. You can choose from the most traditional tobacco tastes, such as, mints and menthols. Or you can experiment by trying one of the specialty flavors. Each cartridge is the same as one pack of regular cigarettes.

Every cartridge is available in four different strengths. Starting from zero nicotine and going up. Each flavor can be enjoyed so much more when you know that thousands of dollars a is being put back in your pocket.

The anytime e-cigarette: V2 Disposables. You can have the thick vapor you love in a convenient new way with the single use electronic cigarettes. They make great gifts to family and friends who have been wanting something new. Or they work wonderfully for travel or emergencies when there is no power source available. To make them even better each one lasts as long as two packs of traditional cigarettes.

Want more information about V2 Cigs? They hold the #1 rank in e-cigarette website for the US and internationally. The rank was given to them by Alexo.com, and provide the best quality in the industry to their customers. They have been distinguished as a leader in their industry as it has constant expanding product lines. With powerful vapor and fantastic taste. The company allows a smokeless alternative to the conventional cigarette at a much smaller cost. The company currently has over a million loyal customers with over 70% of them coming back for more, not just once, but no less than 3 times. As a statistic that is astounding and volumes are spoken for the product and the service. If you want to makes great choice in purchasing an e-cigarette, then V2 E-Cigs is the way to go. It is one decision that you won’t regret.

The electronic cigarette at its best. The integrated, fully vertical, organization in the industry. The only company to completely test all liquids and provide the results to the customers. The only ones to provide a lifetime warranty on every electronic. And let’s not forget they hold the No.1 spot as the online retailer of e-cigarettes.

With the only e-cig designed specifically for women in the world with Vapor Couture.

e-cig starter kits

E Cigarette Starter Kits Offer Kick Ass Vaping Value Upfront

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You must have heard of E cigarette starter kits before. These are in vogue as electronic smoking seems to be the order of the day. Here, we shall tell you the best ways of finding the best E cigarette starter kits so that you can have a complete smoking experience.

best ecig starter kit ultimate from v2cigs

What To Look For In E Cigarette Starter Kits?

Before you make a good purchase, you need to be aware of what are the main things that you need to look at while buying the starter kits. Here, we shall make a compilation for the same to enhance your understanding of the product.

• The first and foremost thing to look for is that hunt for such E cigarette starter kits that provide a fresh atomizer and mouthpiece with each cartridge.
• Look for the vapor volumes which can be produced with help of the e-cigs of the particular brand. Vapor volume is a true quality indicator as there is no point buying an electronic cigarette which does not quench your thirst of traditional smoking.
• Make sure to see that additional batteries which are found are of good quality.
• The price obviously plays the clincher. Keep an eye out for the price to ensure you get true return of your money.

The starter kits are generally equipped with disposable cartridges and atomizers and it is a good idea to opt for kits which provide you good quality cartridges such that the performance of your e-cigarette remains intact even after the refill. Also, check that the charger is in working condition and you are able to charge up your lithium batteries with it. Having told you the main things to watch out for while making a purchase of E cigarette starter kits we shall now discuss the benefits of a kit.

e-cigarettes starter kits


Benefits Of E Cigarette Starter Kits

There are innumerable benefits of using electronic cigs and the smokeless e-cigarettes starter kits. Some of them are as follows.

• It helps in giving you a complete experience of electrical smoking.
• The components of an electronic cigarette kit are integral to its full use as you need :
• Charger: for charging your e-cigs after the charge drops.
• Cartridges: which are used after the initial cartridge is exhausted.
• Lithium batteries: generally, a back up set of batteries are provided so that you can use them when your battery dies down.
• Atomizers: generally, kits come with atomizers for every new cartridge. Changing the atomizer with new e-cig refill cartridges is recommended as using the same atomizer may be the cause of infection.
• You cannot use your e-cigs without the kit, so it is not jut helpful but mandatory as well. If you intend not to buy the kit, you will have to purchase the charger, batteries, and atomizers separately.
• The entire kit helps in dealing with change of cartridges.

Using Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes to Kick Tobacco Products to the Curb for Good

A lot of people have used electronic cigarettes to successfully give up all tobacco products for good according to cigarettesbrands.com. Consumers are buying electronic cigarettes and slowly cutting themselves down on the amount of nicotine that they consume. Refill cartridges that do not contain any nicotine can be purchased. These cartridges allow smokers to feel like they are smoking without harming their bodies with smoke or nicotine. Using an electronic cigarette to quit smoking may be safer than using prescription drugs like Chantix. Some prescription medications that are used to help smokers give up tobacco have had serious side effects. Some people taking anti-smoking medications have had suicidal tendencies. Do not put yourself at risk when you can purchase a safe cheap e cig to help give up smoking.

  • How an Electronic Cigarette Can Benefit Your Health in the Long Term

    If you make the switch to electronic cigarettes you could be breathing easier after just a few weeks. After a few months, your sense of taste and smell will slowly begin to return. After years of using an electronic cigarette compared to a traditional tobacco cigarette, you will lower your risk for serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and various forms of cancer. The benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes do not stop at health benefits. You will no longer have to worry about having burn holes in your clothing, in your home, or in your car. Electronic cigarettes do not require any flame. You will never need another lighter. Electronic cigarettes come equipped with an LED light at the end of the electronic smokeless cigarette that glows a unique color when the smoker takes a drag. The LED lights can come in a variety of different colors. Red, green, blue, and even yellow options are available for you to choose from. A red LED light would make it appear like you are actually smoking a traditional cigarette, but you can customize your electronic smokeless cigarette to meet your tastes and personality.

  • Where to Purchase a Cheap e Cig

    You can buy a cheap e cig both online and in local stores in your area. Most tobacco outlet stores also sell electronic cigarettes and starter kits. You can find all of the supplies that you need right in your own town. You can also enjoy shopping online and having your purchases shipped directly to your front door. You do not have to leave home to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit. You can be on your way to enjoying a smoke free life when you choose to say goodbye to tobacco products once and for all. You may find that electronic smokeless cigarettes are cheaper to buy online, but there are some deals and bargains to be found in the local stores. You just need to look in the right place. Some electronic smokeless cigarettes offer coupons and special discounts just to get you to purchase their type of electronic cigarette.

  • Smokers Can’t Tell A Difference From Their Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes When Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    There are a lot of benefits to be reaped from electronic smokeless cigarettes. You have very little to lose. There have been some smokers who have reported that they did not like the taste of electronic cigarettes, but most smokers say that they cannot tell a difference between the brands of tobacco cigarettes that they used to smoke and the cheap e cig that they use now. Electronic cigarettes also offer convenience. You can smoke them just about anywhere that you please. You may look like you are smoking a real cigarette when using an electronic cigarette. You may even feel like you are smoking a real cigarette. You will get the nicotine that you crave, without all of the harmful chemicals that you do not want. The electronic cigarette is not something that has been recently developed. The very first electronic cigarette was developed in the sixties. Due to limited technology, the success of the first electronic cigarette was also very limited.




    Thus, these are the list of benefits E cigarette starter kits provide you an electronic smoker.

    Most of the leading brands of e-cigs have their own kits. The kits can be ordered from the different types. There are different types of kit which can be chosen according to your use. You have basic kits for starters to daily use kits and even extensive kits for heavy users. Naturally, the price for such kits differs and so does the components.

    So, while choosing the right kit, you must incorporate the factor of your smoking intensity into the equation as well. If you have been enjoying electronic smoking extensively, you should opt for advanced kits as these are equipped with batteries that provide a lasting performance and can thus give you longer puffs.

    Also, read the e-cig brands reviews before you buy a vaping product. Reviews are an extremely helpful way of selecting the right product that you should purchase. Consider all the different factors and parameters that play an important role for deciding the right model.

    The starter kits are generally shipped when you make your first purchase of your e-cigs.

    Your e-cigs should be charged initially with the help of your charger which is present in the kit. Thus, starter kits are integral for the use of electronic cigarettes. First you should select the right brand for e-cigs. After you have decided the right brand, you should scroll though the different offer prices and components of kits that are available for that model.

    After you have decided the right model which shall benefit you in the best possible manner, you should go ahead with the decision to purchase the product. By now, you must be aware of the all the different details and benefits of these kits. So, if you like to smoke in the electric way, get your own kits today.

    All you need to do is find the E cigarette starter kits that fit the bill and provide you the right benefits as well.

    are ecigs right for you?

    Are Electronic Cigarettes right for you?

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    Smoking is indeed a topic that has been in the news in terms of health problems. The thing is that many people who smoke are well aware of the problems that this habit might bring. On the other hand, they are totally addicted to the tobacco and they simply cannot find it inside them to actually quit. The problem is that these days more and more societies have started to ban the use of regular cigarettes in public places. This has left people with few choices to actually satisfy their need for nicotine. Fortunately for them the electronic cigarettes seem to be the future in smoking without even giving you the bad consequences of traditional tobacco usage.

    The need for e-cigs

    The inventors of e cigarettes were actually concerned in offering people a healthier manner to satisfy their need for nicotine. It is clear that there are smokers that want to quit, but find it really hard. Their bodies got accustomed to the nicotine dose that they get every single day, multiple times. Some of them cannot start the day without their beloved cigarette. The truth is that smoking is considered an addiction and it has to be treated in this way. The researchers have produced several methods that might work for some people. In order to get that dose of nicotine people either chew a gum or wear a patch that will distribute the needed amount in their body.

    The problem is that many smokers are also addicted to the habit itself, not necessary to the nicotine as a substance. They love the action of smoking because they think it is cool. This opinion goes to that extent that they are actually not willing to give up their cigarette even if they know that it is bad. So the only solution was to replicate the smoking object without replicating the negative effects. The truth is that the need for e-cigs comes from the need for having a healthy manner of getting that dose of nicotine and of course simulating the whole smoking process. The person holds something between his fingers, does the exact same motion as when smoking tobacco, but he does not ingest the 4,000 dangerous and toxic chemical compounds.

    Quitting smoking

    The ultimate goal of e cigarettes is to actually help you quit smoking in a bad manner. By getting your dose and simulating the entire smoking experience, you will not be tempted to buy a pack of traditional cigarettes. This means that you have already improved your health significantly. On the other side, the electronic cigarettes can also help you quit the nicotine habit and get rid of this addiction. Unlike normal tobacco alternatives, the e-cigs have the possibility to actually establish the amount of nicotine which is used. The cartridges have different levels of nicotine and in due time the goal is to diminish the intake as much as possible. It will be started with a convenient level and in time the user will work his way out into lower levels. There is even the no nicotine cartridge. This means that it is possible to quit smoking for good.

    You may be fighting with the thought of quitting smoking for a while now and you are still now sure if the electronic cigarettes are the right choice for you. In order to determine this thing, you have to make sure that you know what you want. If your desire is to still smoke but in a safe manner the e-cigs will give you exactly the same sensation. However, you will not inhale dangerous smoke, but harmless water vapors. You may also want to quit smoking for good, but you understand that you cannot do it in one step. This will put too much pressure on your body and you may fall into the temptation of lighting up a cigarette sooner than you thought. The choice of e-cigs lets you take the things in your own pace which is totally good for you. In the end, no matter what you choose, you have to know that it is safe for your health. It is clear that the electronic cigarettes do not have the damaging effects of tobacco usage and it is worth giving them a try.

    Common Vapor Cigarette Questions

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    Electronic cigarette, the term, denotes a regular cigarette like device with an electronic attachment. While e cigs resemble conventional cigarettes, they do not contain the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. They, rather, come with typical nicotine-based liquid cartridges as an alternative to tobacco.

    Q#1: What is the idea behind an Electronic Cigarette?

    A#1: Practically, the idea is to stimulate cigarette smoking, but in a better and safer way. Smokers can still enjoy smoking, without inhaling harmful smoke, tobacco, tar and a plethora of other chemicals. With electronic cigs, liquid nicotine is heated up, which turns into vapor; smokers inhale the vapor.

    Q#2: What does an Electronic Cigarette look like?

    A#2: An electronic cigarette looks very much like a regular cigarette. However, if you go into the basics, there are several parts of the body that needs to be assembled. An e cig is a device that comes with a mouthpiece (also called, cartridge), an atomizer, a battery, electronic components and LED light.

    The mouthpiece or cartridge is fixed to one end of the cig tube. There is a small plastic cup inside the mouthpiece that holds a typical absorbent material sodden in the liquid solution. The solution carries varied nicotine levels.

    The atomizer is the heating element that heats up liquid nicotine to make it vaporize so that smokers can inhale the same. The atomizer has to be replaced from time to time, usually within 3 to 6 months.

    A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included in the kit. The battery is used to power the heating element. Battery life normally depends on the use of e cig, size, type and its operating environment.

    Q#3: What is E-Liquid?

    A#3: E-liquid, often called e-juice, is a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid that is available in small bottles. If you purchase 3 piece e cig cartridges, you will have to buy the e liquid as well; but, if you buy 2 piece e cigs, it comes with a pre-filled cartomizer.

    Q#4: How is E-smoke Generated?

    A#4: The e liquid contained within the cartridge, either absorbed in cloth or in a tank, is the source of e smoke. As you raw, battery will power on the atomizer and heat up the liquid to generate smoke.

    Q#5: Is the E-Smoke Hot?

    A#5: Usually, the e-smoke or vapor mist expelled by the e cig is not hot. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about getting burned or bruised.

    Q#6: What is the Volume of Nicotine?

    A#6: The volume if nicotine is measured in milligrams. However, some brands measure in percentage as well. Full strength nicotine cartridge normally contains 16mg, while light volume is around 12mg. all manufacturers have their nicotine-free e-juices available these days.

    Q#7: Empty or Pre-filled Cartridge – Which is a better choice?

    A#7: Pre-filled cartridges are more preferred over their empty counterparts. With the pre-filled cartridges, you will have to only put the cartridge and battery together and it’s ready to use. It is more convenient.

    With the empty cartridge, however, you have to purchase the e-juice before using the device. Whilst this option is less expensive, it is messier. It is important to ensure that you are adding the right amount and the cartridge is not leaking.

    Q#8: 2 piece vs. 3 piece Cartridge Design – How to Choose?

    A#8: There are, definitely, some marked distinctions between these two designs. The 2 piece e cig, for instance, comes with a cartomizer and battery. You can’t refill these cartomizers; they are to be replaced once empty. This is a cleaner and convenient choice.

    In case of 3 piece design, you have three components to the electronic cigarette – the battery, atomizer and cartridge. The cartridge, in this case, has to be replaced periodically while the atomizer has to be replaced every 2-3 months. With this design, cartridges may come empty or filled; it has to be filled with e-juice.

    The choice between these two designs depends on the preference of individuals.

    Q#9: What is the Average Time of Use or Length of One Cartridge?

    A#9: Mostly, one cartridge is equivalent to a pack of normal cigarettes. Nevertheless, this depends solely on the brand of e cig. Some brands offer short-lasting cartridges. So, you must choose carefully.

    Q#10: What are the Sizes of E Cigs?

    A#10: E cigs come in different sizes, which includes the size of a regular cigarette. There are companies that make bigger designs to make sure that the battery is long-lasting and it emits large amount of vapor. There are small, medium and large sizes to choose from.

    Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

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    Electronic cigarettes have been around for quite some time now. It has been more than a decade since the first electronic cigarette was introduced, and since then new brands are coming up with the latest versions of the old ones and some inventive ideas too. In the recent times, there has been an overwhelming rate of growth in the number of electronic cigarette manufacturers and smokers.

    Types of Electronic Cigarettes According to the Size, Look and Battery

    There are three groups of electronic cigarettes categorized as per their look, the size and the capacity of their battery –

    • Cig-alike
    • Mid-size
    • APVs

    Cig-alikes are ideally the first generation electronic cigarettes. Still popular for some obvious reasons, these electronic cigarettes are known for the real look and feel. Although they are slighter heavier and bigger, many people prefer these electronic cigarettes simply because of their visual effect.

    Mid-size electronic cigarettes are considered the second generation electronic cigarette that looks like a pen. Most of them resemble a pen. The most popular mid-size electronic cigarette is the eGo Style that is available in different versions. These electronic cigarettes are cost effective as compared to others. According to smokers, you can actually save up to 85 percent of smoking expenses with eGo and similar types like iGo-s and KGo-s. Usually bigger and heavier, having large battery capacity that ranges from 350-1100 mAh, these electronic cigarettes are customizable and they offer a great experience. You only need to purchase their e liquid. You can then blend the e liquid flavors and nicotine strength to get the taste you like.

    Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

    Introduced of late, the PAVs are available in different sizes and shapes, from tiny screwdrivers to small box-like gizmos. It is advanced personal vaporizer that most electronic cigarette hobbyist prefers. It has variable settings, stronger batteries and everything else you could ask for.

    Styles of Electronic Cigarettes

    More than types, it is the styles of electronic cigarettes that can make a difference. There is an incredible variety available on the market and every smoker can take a pick. To suit the needs of people, they have introduced various designs with the use of crystals and colors being prominent.

    Pen-Style E Cigs

     Pen-style electronic cigarettes are the unbeatable variety. They look like a pen, normally white in color, and shaped exactly as the name suggested. They may have various ends, such as slightly flattened, round or duck nose shaped.

    Mini E-cigs

    The mini electronic cigarettes are obviously shorter and smaller in size as compared to pen-styled electronic cigarettes. They are available in various colors and they come with 2 different types of mouthpieces – flattened and round.

    There are some super-mini versions of electronic cigarettes as well. Unfortunately, the only advantage is that the device is too small. Most manufacturers are passing up this e cig style as it does not allow the use of high capacity or powerful batteries. These e cigs have to be recharged at least 3 to 4 times per day or even more often, depending on consumption. Furthermore, the vapor doesn’t have adequate space to form; so, the volume is less.


    Electronic cigars are the latest addition. They are available in medium to large lengths and varied diameter. Manufacturers often use paper wrapping on the electronic cigar to give you the perfect feeling of smoking real cigar.


    Some people smoke as a hobby. They want to try various options, including pipes. Electronic cigarette pipes are pretty looking devices that resemble the real pipe. In fact, there is no difference between the traditional pipe and electronic pipe, expect the LED lights that proves you are actually vaping, not smoking. LED lights in orange, blue, green or red color makes it obvious. Anyways, it is always safer to use electronic smoking devices than analog cigarettes.

    The electronic cigars and electronic pipes are not meant for first time smokers. These are advanced devices, only suitable for experienced electronic smokers. Starters may require more time and know-how of vaping and the e cigarette device before they can try something like a cigar.

    Usually, most electronic smokers choose the pen-style electronic cigarettes since they look and feel like original cigarettes. However, over time, one can try other variations also.